The Postgraduate Program in Infectious and Parasitic Diseases with master’s and doctoral courses was recommended on July 25, 2007, after an intense creation process, where a group of 15 researchers / professors from the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul headed by Prof. Dr. Rivaldo Venâncio Cunha.

The Program was created after a 10-year partnership between Fiocruz-RJ and UFMS, which began in 1998 with Minter and Dinter projects with the Parasitary Biology and Tropical Medicine Programs of the Oswaldo Cruz Institute, Fiocruz-RJ. In this exchange 22 teachers and 6 doctors were trained, many of them were responsible for the creation of our program and act as guiding researchers currently.  Noting that the partnership with Instituto Osvaldo Cruz was also important after the creation of the Program and allowed, in a phase where we did not yet have an adequate structure in our institution, the realization of many projects leveraging the group’s research.

The group is currently strengthened after obtaining funding from Fundect (Foundation for Support to the Development of Education, Science and Technology of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul), CNPq, Finep and others.

Since its inception until December 2016, almost 150 masters and 30 PhDs have been trained.