Selective Process MASTER 2017


Application period: January 12-22, 2018 –

Number of vacancies: 15

Registration fee: R$ 150,00


  • English language test day 15 of February of 2015 –  minimum mark 5,0
  • Those approved must submit as part of the next step – pre-project and curriculum.

Classroom: Daytime

Documents required for registration:

a) Duly completed application form (Annex II);
b) Proof of payment of the Registration Fee;
c) Official legible identity document, front and back;
d) CPF;
e) Title of voter and proof of discharge with the Electoral Justice;
f) For foreign candidates, a copy of the documents required by specific legislation:
proof of being in good standing with the Federal Immigration Service (copy of valid passport,
specifically, page of identification and page of the entrance visa in Brazil);
g) A copy of the Birth or Marriage Certificate
h) A copy of the Certificate of Reservation, if male applicant
i) Graduation school history
j) Diploma of the undergraduate course issued by an official or officially
recognized by the MEC, or a document proving that the candidate is in
graduated before the academic record period in the postgraduate course,
such registration subject to completion of graduation
k) Updated Lattes curriculum, from
l) A recent photo


Information: (67) 3345-73-70 (opening hours: 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.)